We are a restaurant and bar located at the intersection of Carpenter Street and South Bridge Road, serving up hearty and comforting Modern European cuisine, signature cocktails, wines and most importantly extra warm hospitality. At Lumo, there is something for everyone.

NAME Lumo means light in Esperanto; an international auxiliary language created by Polish ophthalmologist Ludwig Leizer Zamenhof to unify people across the world. Light signifies creativity and positivity; values which are an extension of our own individual characters, and values which we aim to build a community upon.

SPACE Tucked on the ground floor of a post-war art deco/ modern era shophouse, the exterior of Lumo looks like an unassuming speak-easy type restaurant bar. Once entered, the warm cosy modern interior is a refreshing juxtapose to the vintage facade of the building. The layout of Lumo is unique, offering 2 distinct spaces and experiences - the 40-seater bar offers more fun and energy, and the 20-seater open kitchen is perfect for guests wanting a more intimate dining experience. Despite the distinct spaces, our guests can enjoy our food and drinks at both places.

ATMOSPHERE Lumo's song list of indie electro-pop is specially curated to create a fun and energetic atmosphere. Occasionally, we will mix it up with some vintage classics. Come and join us for a good time, make some new friends and we hope you will leave us feeling energised and inspired!